For fifteen years I have been maintaining and nurturing, as much as possible this ecosystem by providing fruit, water, plants and a safe haven for birds and other animals. Today 21 species of birds visit Cinco Hormigas Rojas. They have decided to make my small little refuge their home. Cinco Hormigas Rojas Wildlife Guide

A Common visitor is the Yigüirro, (Clay colored Robin,Turdus Grayi) Costa Rica’s national bird. Each night 4 couples of fruit-eating bats
indulge themselves Jordans with my fruit offerings. Lizards, insects and butterflies are also visitors of my little ecosystem in the heart of San Jose.

Thank you to all who visit, and special thanks to those who appreciate nature. Please join me in my twelve year celebration by caring for animals and fighting to protect their home. 2008.
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Cinco Hormigas Rojas
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Calle 15, Avenida 9 y 11 bis barrio Otoya, San José Costa Rica.
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